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Dear Yuletide Writer 2013

Happy Yuletide! First, thank you for volunteering for Yuletide, and I hope that you have a great time with it! The thing that I love most about Yuletide is the spirit around it and the way that it's such a positive time. While I love both angsty and happy fics generally, Yuletide is a really happy time (it's the most wonderful time of the year!) and because of that, I would prefer something that ends on a high note or is just generally upbeat. However, if you have an amazing idea that's angst, don't let that discourage you, I will still be totally happy with it!

If you're looking for some generic plot ideas that I love to see, some tropes are best friends as roommates, blackouts/stuck in a lift, road trip, bodyswap, bodysharing/telepathy, genderswap, fuckbuddies, unexpected co-parenting, not realizing they're dating, giant 80s lasers, and windows being used as doors or adjacent houses having matching windows.
On the other hand, while I usually love crazy AUs, I would prefer fiction that is closer to the source material for Yuletide; I think the point of Yuletide is the rare fandoms, and getting too far away from that kind of defeats the purpose for me. Also, I do not mind sex or action scenes, but prefer fic that has a focus on plot or character development as well. I don't have many triggers, but the few triggers I do have are emotional blackmail/guilt trips and social awkwardness/embarrassment/humiliation.
I hope that this information is useful in trying to figure out what sort of fic I would like, but this is Yuletide! The optional details are optional and anything you write for me, I can already guarantee I will love.

Nearlyweds - Erin (Nearlyweds), Casey (Nearlyweds), Stella (Nearlyweds)

I love the interactions between the three women, and the fact that while most movies end with the characters getting married, this movie begins with it and is about making a relationship work. And while I really like the canon relationships between the women and their husbands (well, not Mark, but the others), I also would not have minded if the movie ended with the montage of the three of them living together, and if you want to write them as polyamorous lesbians instead of best friends forever, I would love that as well.

This movie just came out this year, and it's already one of my feel good movies. I love the three women and the way they work so well together. I think that their relationship works equally well as best friends and as lovers. I'm a fan of unconventional relationships, and I was shipping them from the beginning of the movie, and that was before the musical montage of the three of them living alone together (I was having flashbacks to the Wizards of Waverly Place movie with the campfire scene, with how close I thought they were coming to declaring the characters in love). I would love to see them either together, or with their canonical relationships, because I think that both of those outcomes work in terms of the characters.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids - Amy Szalinski

I have always had a soft spot for people in over their heads, and Amy is one of those characters. The way that Amy takes charge, both in the events of their adventure in the backyard and in the house at the beginning of the movie, when her mom left temporarily showcase that. I also love her relationships with the other characters, the way she is capable of being both competent and responsible when necessary while also being a teenager. And of course, nothing says Yuletide more than giant 80s lasers. Any sort of wacky hijinks involving crazy Szalinski inventions would be amazing.

This movie was part of my childhood and Amy was always my favorite character in it. There were several movies and the television show, but while you can feel free to borrow details from the sequels, the original movie is where my heart is. Amy is one of my favorite characters, both because of who she is and her relationships with the other characters. She's strong and competent, and most of the reason that I wanted a big sister while I was growing up (Judy Jetson was also an influence). If you want to write worldbuilding about what she does and where she goes after the movie, or about her relationships with her family or Russ, anything would be amazing. And if all else fails, nothing says Yuletide like uncomfortable sweaters and giant lasers.

Battleground - Ali Laurents, Lindsay Cutter

I wasn't sure who I was going to ask for in this fandom all the way up until now. I like watching all the characters in this show, even the ones I don't like as people, but I wound up deciding on Ali and Lindsay because they are two of the characters that I would have liked to see more of in the show. I think this show is one of those that makes for both great character and case based fiction. If you're looking for plot ideas, it would be awesome to see any sort of adventures from other campaigns, or what happens after they actually win and dealing with Washington.

When I describe this show to other people, I describe it as The West Wing On Campaign. As I said, I'd love pretty much any story you write, but the diversity of stories that I can imagine for this fandom is greater than for my other requests, because of the way that the setting is wide open for all kinds of stories. How they got involved in staffing campaigns? Where they are during the flashback interviews?What happens on the Presidential campaign that the ending sets up? If they win the Presidential campaign and the adventures in the actual West Wing? The entire ensemble of the cast pulling off shenanigans, or just the ladies on some wacky adventure? It'd all be amazing.

Drive Me Crazy - Nicole Maris, Chase Hammond

The relationship between these two characters is one of my favorites. They act like partners, work together, are honest with each other and their feelings, instead of the traditional romantic comedy trope of hiding things until it blows up in their faces. I'd love to see future fic about them making their relationship work after the movie, or about their relationship with their parents and friends.

I loved this movie when it came out, but I never realized that it was written by Rob Thomas until recently, which only made me love it more (Veronica Mars remains one of my favorite shows and characters of all time, and the writing is a large part of that). The sheer worldbuilding in this movie is amazing; the details of the school and the character backstories that are fit into the time available in the film are amazing. But the reason I requested this movie is because I love the way that the two act in their relationship, and act like partners, compromising to get what they both want and the way that they respect each other.