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Hey all!

My cell phone battery just decided to pull an ouroboros and devour itself, meaning my phone no longer functions for more than like 5 seconds unless it is connected to the charger.

Unfortunately, Verizon no longer sells batteries for the model phone I have, so I need to upgrade. However, I really want a phone with a physical keyboard for accessibility reasons (my fingers just do not work with touchscreens for typing purposes), and according to the person I spoke to at the Verizon store they no longer sell smartphones that have keyboards. I've been looking online, and the only one I can find is the NEC Terrain, from AT&T.

Does anyone know of any other smartphones that have keyboards that are for sale, or have any experience with either that model phone or AT&T service (both phone and as a company)?
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I wouldn't normally post this here, but I'm currently at the point where I'm exploring every option open to me.
I'm currently in job search mode. I'm looking for a position in (preferably) engineering or software development/testing. I've only got a few years of experience and only a bachelor's degree, so I'm primarily looking for something that's entry level. On the other hand, I'm intelligent and a very quick learner so I pick up new skills and knowledge fast, and I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere.
If anyone knows anywhere that's hiring, please let me know, either in PM or comments and I can provide a copy of my resume.