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Before I talk about Iron Man 3, a preface.

Music wasn't really a large part of my life while I was growing up. The radio and record player were very rarely on in the house, and road trips would often involve nothing coming out of the speakers (and when there was something being played, it was NPR more often than any music station). I never recorded a song off the radio, despite apparently everyone else in my generation recording entire mix tapes. In fact, I didn't purchase a CD until middle school. Alright, that's not that impressive given that CDs had only been in widespread circulation for a few years prior, but I hadn't purchased any casettes either; there were some that I listened to, but they belonged to my parents, or were the family's, not something that was mine, personally. And this was not only the first CD that was really mine, but that I had purchased, not that was purchased for me as a gift. To this day, while I acknowledge the convenience of MP3s and music downloads, I still prefer CDs, as a physical manifestation of music, and it all dates back to that first CD.

It was, of course, Europop. Eiffel 65 was one of the first techno bands I had ever really heard (I wouldn't find Daft Punk until 2001 with Discovery), and I loved the style. I was however, mocked frequently, mostly by my siblings, but also occasionally by my parents, for my choice in music.

The point of the story is that I would like to apologize to anyone in the theater I was in who was frightened by my maniacal cackling within a minute of the film starting. I consider it karmic payback on a cosmic scale.

I have to say that my final impression of Iron Man 3 was not as favorable as others; I was disappointed.

I think my problem with the movie was that the last thing before I left the theater was the ending, obviously, and as somebody famous once said and I am saying now, it was a hot mess.

Spoilers ahead )