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So [personal profile] amathela has been reading Batman recently for Stephanie Brown, who is also one of my favorite characters in DC. And at first, I thought I didn't have alot to say about it, because I don't read a lot of comics (My parents did not ... approve? of comics, so I never really got to read them growing up. I guess they thought they would stunt my intellectual growth or something, but now that I'm an adult I can read all the comics I want. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?), but I realized that I do have some thoughts to say.

First, Stephanie Brown. Of all the DC characters, she's probably my favorite. And the reason I like her so is not just because she's a strong, competent, intelligent female (which, yes, all my buttons), but the main reason? She was Robin. All the other female characters in the bat-family are distinctly female. Superheroes in general, and the bat-family in particular, make a huge distinction between the a character's real-world identity, and the mask. And all the other female characters have female masks; Batwoman. Batgirl. Huntress. Catwoman. But the Batman and Robin masks are traditionally male. And then Steph takes over the Robin mask and title. Which is why I love her more than just about anyone else.

Of course, my understanding of the DC universe does not match the actual DC universe. My knowledge of the characters is based on a handful of comic issues, Wikipedia articles, and fan meta discussion, fic, and pics. For example, I'm fairly certain that Supergirl does not have a different costume for every day of the week, is not a Valley Girl, and does not spend every Saturday morning visiting county fairs and filling her apartment full of random tcotchkes because they remind her of Krypton (and Superman may be the Last Son of Krypton, but she's the only one who was old enough to actually remember the planet, and that is way more tragic).

But I'm digressing! The point was that [personal profile] amathela said she couldn't figure out Tim Drake, and so, with the above disclaimer in mind, I am (somewhat) proud to present the COMPLETELY OFFICIAL Metaphasia History of Robin.

It's all true. Except for the parts that aren't. )

(And then Tim meets Stephanie, which is his chance at a real relationship, because when you wear the mask you can't possibly be with someone who doesn't also, and it's all fun and games like a first love is (but instead of doing ring toss at carnivals, they're beating up villains), and then it's really not, and I just want the two of them to have all the angst, and then do all the cliches, especially the ones that involve being undercover and mistaken identities, and then a happy ending and live happily ever after beating up bad guys in an alley.)