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Note the repeated use of door imagery throughout Frozen. It begins in "Do You Want to Build a Snowman", with Anna constantly asking her sister to come out and play and to "come out the door", before immediately continuing in the next song, "For the First Time in Forever" in which Anna sings about how, "for the first time in forever" the castle doors and gates will be opened. Therefore, when given the opportunity to sing about true love, it is no surprise that Anna chooses to perform "Love is an Open Door", since she associates love with doors. It must be concluded as a result that Anna feels that Elsa does not love her, and in fact, rejects her, since her door is always closed to Anna.
On the other hand, Elsa does not associate love with doors, but rather with heat. It is her cold based powers that cause her to be cut off from the world, and therefore she links the two ideas in her mind. It is no accident that "Let it Go" begins with the line "a kingdom of ice-olation". Perhaps the largest proof for this association however, is Olaf. Olaf is created by Elsa, and his personality is based on Elsa's childhood memories; his use of the phrase "the sky's awake", his introduction being that "My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs", and even his appearance being identical to that of the snowman Elsa and Anna built when they were young, all show that Olaf is not a unique and independent being, but rather an extension of Elsa's psyche. He is an anthropomorphic representation of her subconscious, and her heart's desires. And, therefore, when Olaf sings, he is showing Elsa's true feelings; and the song that Olaf chooses to sing is "In Summer", extolling the virtues of heat.
When Elsa sings the line in "Let it Go" of "the cold never bothered me anyway" it is not literal; she is not discussing yet another winter-related superpower of her magic. It is the same refrain that everyone tells themselves when they are denied; "I never wanted to be friends with her anyway. I didn't want that stupid bike in the first place". The cold to Elsa represents being forced to be alone, after the very public way in which everyone freaked out upon discovering her powers, and in "Let it Go" she is lying to herself that it doesn't matter, that she doesn't care that she is forced out of her own kingdom and to live alone in the mountains.
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I wouldn't normally post this here, but I'm currently at the point where I'm exploring every option open to me.
I'm currently in job search mode. I'm looking for a position in (preferably) engineering or software development/testing. I've only got a few years of experience and only a bachelor's degree, so I'm primarily looking for something that's entry level. On the other hand, I'm intelligent and a very quick learner so I pick up new skills and knowledge fast, and I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere.
If anyone knows anywhere that's hiring, please let me know, either in PM or comments and I can provide a copy of my resume.
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So, I saw the special in the theater in NYC, and it was really good, although apparently the place filled up early in the morning, so I was stuck in the front rows of seats, which was not optimal with 3D, but even still, I had a great time.

Spoilers )
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So, it's far enough into the new television season that I feel capable of making informed judgements on how the new shows are doing, and what I want to keep watching and stop. I've included my thoughts below:

Agents of SHIELD )

Sleepy Hollow )

Brookyln 9-9 )

The Tomorrow People )

Almost Human )

Final Thoughts and Returning Shows )
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Happy Yuletide! First, thank you for volunteering for Yuletide, and I hope that you have a great time with it! The thing that I love most about Yuletide is the spirit around it and the way that it's such a positive time. While I love both angsty and happy fics generally, Yuletide is a really happy time (it's the most wonderful time of the year!) and because of that, I would prefer something that ends on a high note or is just generally upbeat. However, if you have an amazing idea that's angst, don't let that discourage you, I will still be totally happy with it!

General Preferences )

Requests for Nearlyweds, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Battleground and Drive Me Crazy )
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Well, I tried to set up a Final Fantasy XIV beta account, and failed miserably after the beta signup section of the website refused to acknowledge my account (despite being logged in on the page which redirected me to the beta sign up page, which, what, why do you even need me to sign in again if I'm already signed in, and how do you claim my account doesn't exist if I'm already signed in?).

So, instead, have a meme taken from [personal profile] musesfool:

Comment with the name of a ship from a fandom I know and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following whichever of the following scenarios you specify would go down for them:

Fake dating
Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it
Secret kinks
Their first kiss
Meeting the parents
Moving in together
A crossover of my choice
An au of my choice
If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

Ask away! I'm at least passingly familiar with most fandoms, so even if I haven't posted anything for a particular pairing (which, let's be honest, at this point is most fandoms, let alone pairings), I might ship it or at least be familiar with it and can give you something.
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My bad habit One of my bad habits Amongst my bad habits is that sometimes when I see my side of an argument so clearly I have a hard time understanding how anyone could disagree, and, instead of debating intellligently, dissolve into a fit of acoherent rage. Quite aside from the fact that I am not always right, this is a problem because it means that when I become emotionally invested in an argument, I have a hard time conveying my opinion in a convincing manner. This means that I am sure that the following could be explained by someone else much more eloquently, but please bear with me.


I was a fan of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality when I first heard of it. It has a clever premise, and is well written, both grammatically and stylistically. However, I have had some issues with the way the most recent story arc was written and handled, and these boiled to a head when I found the author's response to someone else's complaints regarding the same issues; that response can be found here; I will not be quoting it directly within this response, so please read it first before continuing.


First, right from the start, I take issue with the Mr. Yudkowsky's position in the opening sentence. I believe that feminism is and should be the concern of everyone, not just those who have heard of it, and that hiding the response away to complaints about being anti-feminist is not a good position to take.


Mr. Yudkowsky focuses on directly responding to the accusations from a particular tumblr comment (which he does not link to, so I'm not sure if his following assertion is true, since the text he quotes does not specify which female character, only makes general statements) that Professor McGonagall has significantly less agency than Professor Snape. And while I agree that that assertion is true, and I will return to it later, I feel that the anti-feminism present in the text is much more pervasive and insidious.


Mr. Yudkowsky states that he believes a text should stand on its own and that an author's opinion or notes regarding the text afterwards are a failure on the author's part. This is a perfectly valid viewpoint, and one that I personally agree with; it is one of the reasons that I have issues with the original Harry Potter novels in fact, since JK Rowling only ever revealed or discussed Dumbledore's sexuality in a memo after the final book had been published, and not within the text itself.


However, the text that Mr. Yudkowsky has written does not support his position that it is feminist (or even feminist - neutral as opposed to actively feminist or anti-feminist (okay, I'm going to stop using the term "anti-feminism" here, which Mr. Yudkowsky uses in his rant and refer to this as sexism, because let's face it, it is)). A central theme in MoR is the concept of "heroic responsibility" to which the readers are treated to multiple lectures. As part of this discussion, a quote that is attributed to Godric Gryffindor's autobiography is introduced:


No rescuer hath the rescuer,

No lord hath the champion,

no mother and no father,

only nothingness above.

(Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, chapter 75)


However, as the deuteragonist of the story, and ostensibly a heroine in her own right, Hermione Granger consistently fails to live up to this standard. In the course of the extracurricular battles that Professor Quirrell arranges, Hermione is repeatedly shown as an inferior participant to both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy; for instance, in the battle that takes place in chapter 67, Harry is able to defeat Hermione with only two soldiers, and in the post battle discussion in chapter 68, Professor Quirrell specifically calls her out as not thinking of alternative strategies as Draco did, which is an example of lack of agency on her part. Other examples include her needing to be rescued from the Wizengamot after being accused of attempted murder, and the other battles that take place; in which Professor Quirrell secretly plots to assist her in the first battle, in the Christmas battle (in which of all the plots that take place, she does not create a single one and is merely a pawn in the ultimate outcome of the fight, which is orchestrated through the efforts of Harry, Draco, Blaise Zabini, Professor Quirrell and Headmaster Dumbledore), the battle in which her and Draco's armies combined are unable to defeat Harry, who provides the means for them to chase him onto the roof whereupon she falls off, leaving the final confrontation between Harry and Draco.


Indeed, throughout the story, Hermione is consistently shown to lack agency and need a rescuer of her own. The events of the Self-Actualization story arc revolve around her creation an organization called the Society for the Promotion of Heroic Equality for Witches, which as Mr. Yudkowsky specifically states in his rant referenced earlier was intended to be feminist.

However, Hermione and her heroic witches fail to prove themselves heroes and need rescue; first from Nymphadora Tonks, a seventh year student in disguise as one of their own, and then later by Harry, Professor Quirrell, and Professor Snape all.

Professor Quirrell/Voldemort is portrayed similarly to Ollivander's description of him in the original Philosopher’s Stone novel; a terrible person, lacking in empathy and understanding of humans, but capable of great actions, and a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, he is portrayed as a very rational individual, who is a great judge of character, yet he repeatedly shows a lack of respect for Hermione; while he believes that she is intelligent, he repeatedly calls her out on a lack of dedication and heroic qualities, the most notable of which I believe is during chapter 70, when he speaks at a protest she has organized and he states that heroes are not those of high position, but rather those who show great ability and power, and then refuses to support her, since he believes she lacks ambition.


Mr. Yudkowsky's defense for the lack of agency that Professor McGonagall shows throughout the story is that such examples were before her character development in the most recent arc, and that such development was planned all along. However, despite referencing "fridging" in the opening sentence to his rant, he never addresses the concept again.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, it stems from the trope of "women in refrigerators", which originated with Hal Jordan's wife being killed and placed in a refrigerator for him to later find in the Green Lantern comics. The trope references female characters who have been killed, seemingly for the sole purpose of angst or character development, and is about the objectification of women. Literally; stuffing a woman in the refrigerator states that she has less value to the story for the narrative that she can provide as a female character, a subject capable of action, than the emotional value of her death, an object which is acted upon and inspires others to action.

This is problematic for me, because the most blatant example of sexism is no the lack of agency on Professor McGonagall's part, but rather the action that causes her to undergo character development; the fridging of Hermione Granger (actually, painfully literally, since her body is later placed in a storeroom for chapters 90-93). Hermione is killed by the troll, which, in the original canon JK Rowling provides, was defeated in time by Harry and Ron. Although the story has not progressed far beyond her death, it certainly seems as if she was killed for the sole purpose of character development for others, and, even if not, that is not an essential aspect of the woman in refrigerators trope.


In fact, Mr. Yudkowsky's assertion in his original rant is even more troubling in light of this. Professor Snape's competency can be directly attributed to his grief over, and desire for revenge for, the death of Lily Potter at Voldemort's hands. Which, while only somewhat problematic in the original narrative, since James Potter died at the same time, now becomes part of a disturbing trend in which a female character needs to die for another main character to develop into competency.


Mr. Yudkowsky chooses to end his rant with the position that it is unfair to attack an author of an incomplete story, since the section that has not been completed could redeem the sections which have, that the future plot points could shed new light on those that have been revealed so far.


I disagree. I believe that Mr. Yudkowsky could have defended himself rather easily against my complaints by the simple expedient of not having Hermione stuffed into the refrigerator because Lily was lonely there. By having Professor McGongall develop competency without the death of the only other strong female character in the entire story. By allowing Hermione to be capable of rescuing herself at some point without needing Harry to be her savior.

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Before I talk about Iron Man 3, a preface.

Music wasn't really a large part of my life while I was growing up. The radio and record player were very rarely on in the house, and road trips would often involve nothing coming out of the speakers (and when there was something being played, it was NPR more often than any music station). I never recorded a song off the radio, despite apparently everyone else in my generation recording entire mix tapes. In fact, I didn't purchase a CD until middle school. Alright, that's not that impressive given that CDs had only been in widespread circulation for a few years prior, but I hadn't purchased any casettes either; there were some that I listened to, but they belonged to my parents, or were the family's, not something that was mine, personally. And this was not only the first CD that was really mine, but that I had purchased, not that was purchased for me as a gift. To this day, while I acknowledge the convenience of MP3s and music downloads, I still prefer CDs, as a physical manifestation of music, and it all dates back to that first CD.

It was, of course, Europop. Eiffel 65 was one of the first techno bands I had ever really heard (I wouldn't find Daft Punk until 2001 with Discovery), and I loved the style. I was however, mocked frequently, mostly by my siblings, but also occasionally by my parents, for my choice in music.

The point of the story is that I would like to apologize to anyone in the theater I was in who was frightened by my maniacal cackling within a minute of the film starting. I consider it karmic payback on a cosmic scale.

I have to say that my final impression of Iron Man 3 was not as favorable as others; I was disappointed.

I think my problem with the movie was that the last thing before I left the theater was the ending, obviously, and as somebody famous once said and I am saying now, it was a hot mess.

Spoilers ahead )
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Let's play a game! Here's a new meme.

In the comments below, give me the title of a book. Not a real book, one that doesn't exist. And I will respond with the plot summary of the book, as I see it.
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So there's this 15 characters meme going around, and I decided what the heck, time to get in on one of these things.

So go ahead, and give me questions! I'll post the list in like a week, if I actually get any.


I've got a hidden list of characters from various fandoms numbered 1-15, you give me scenarios/questions with combinations of characters (e.g. 1 and 5 walk into a bar, and get into a fight with 7. who wins?), hilarity ensues.
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Anyone who has played tabletop or board games has most likely been involved in a debate over the rules of the game they are playing. The tabletop gaming community often characterizes debates over rules into the camps of RAW versus RAI; Rules as Written and Rules as Intended. This debate does not simply exist in the realm of gaming however; the heart of this debate can be found in many areas; in legal terms, it is the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. The difference in both cases is whether a document captures all the necessary important points of the matter or whether it was written incorrectly or incomplete.

This same debate also manifests in other areas, such as fandom. And in fandom, this forms the difference between what I call explicit and implicit canon. I haven't heard these terms used before, and a quick google search reveals they're not in common usage at least, so I am unsure if these concepts already exist under different names, but I think they  are pretty self-explanatory in the context that I use them for.

Implicit canon represents the same mental attitude as the Rules as Intended and the spirit of the law; that the matter seen in the canon is a representative sampling, and not the whole of the canon. On the other hand, explicit canon represents only the material seen in the original work and nothing else.

The difference between these two camps can sometimes be absurd, as the debate over the bathrooms on the Enterprise shows, but the I think it provides an important point of contention in a different type of argument, namely that of character interpretations. Many times, because an author can only feature a limited number of scenes in a work, they can inadvertently leave out scenes that support some aspects of a character's personality, and trust that the aspects that they leave out of the explicit canon will still be believed by the readers as part of the implicit canon of the work.

One of the authors that I think is extremely guilty of this sort of omission of details is JK Rowling. I think the most telling example of this in Harry Potter is Ron Weasley. It is rather obvious that JK Rowling intended for Ron to be a likable, brave character who is somewhat immature, but ultimately a loyal friend to Harry. However, because of the fact that the focus of the limited number of scenes in the book and the natural focus on conflict instead of on normal times, means that Ron's character flaws become more pronounced than his positive traits. We see Ron's jealousy and immaturity manifest repeatedly throughout the books, and are meant to assume that he is becoming more mature as time progresses. However, because it represents an opportunity to display interpersonal conflict between the heroes, he continues to display these traits throughout the entire series until the very end.

Because of this fact, there is a very large difference between the versions of Ron that exist in implicit canon and explicit canon. I think that this difference is what leads to such an intense difference between the ships of Ron/Hermione and Harry/Hermione in Harry Potter; some individuals base their opinions on what ship they prefer on the version of the characters that are explicitly presented in the novels, and some based on the version that is implied based on what JK Rowling intended the characters to be.

And though I think this dichotomy is most pronounced in the Harry Potter fandom, this same difference exists in every fandom. The difference between what is explicitly stated and implicitly meant will always exist in every canon, because there is always more to be told than can fit in any story. And this difference is a good thing, because it is what allows differing interpretations of a text. It is what allows fandom to thrive, because it is in the nuances and corners of canons that fan works come from, because if there was ever a canon that had no difference between the implicit and explicit canon, it would be complete and there would be nothing for fandom to fill in.
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Hey! So Yuletide happened. That was a thing, and I totally participated, and then forgot to write anything about it here. So I have a lot to write about.

Author's Notes
Thoughts on Angst from the Id! Angst from the Subconscious! )

Fics I receivedTwo for me! Two for me! )

I've been reading a lot of the other fics too, so I'll be putting up my recs list later this week.
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Title: Angst from the Id! Angst from the Subconscious!
Fandom: Ghost Soup Infidel Blue
Pairing(s): Angela/Angela's Clone/Luke
Word Count: 1215
Rating: PG-13

Written for

[personal profile] laura47  for Yuletide 2012. Title paraphrased from Forbidden Planet.

Summary: Angela reconciles with her clone and then they both commiserate about how tragic their pasts are and then Luke finds out that Moira has been manipulating him and it ends in a Luke/Angela/Angela's Clone threesome )


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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First, thank you so much for participating in Yuletide! I'm super excited about the holidays in general and the fic exchange in specific, so I'm really looking forward to what you have to write! In case you prefer more specific details, I included both some general likes/dislikes and some more specific information for the fandoms I requested below. Don't feel obligated to include any of this though, if you can't find a way to work it in or if it doesn't work for you. Though I hope that this information is useful in trying to figure out what sort of fic I would like, this is Yuletide! Anything you write for me I can already guarantee I will love.

While I love both angsty and happy fics generally, Yuletide is a really happy time (it's the most wonderful time of the year!) and because of that, I would prefer something that ends on a high note or is just generally upbeat. However, if you have an amazing idea that's angst, don't let that discourage you, I will still be totally happy with it!

Some generic plot ideas and storytelling cliches that I love are best friends as roommates, blackouts/stuck in a lift, families of choice, road trip, bodyswap, bodyshare/telepathy, genderswap, fuckbuddies, unexpected co-parenting, not realizing they're dating, running jokes that have been running for so long that people don't realize it's not reality, punchline callbacks and unrelated conversations that serendipitously end the same way, windows being used as doors and people being competent.

On the other hand, while I usually love crazy AUs, I would prefer fiction that is closer to the source material for Yuletide; I think the point of Yuletide is the rare fandoms, and getting too far away from that kind of defeats the purpose for me. Also, I do not mind sex or action scenes, but prefer fic that has plot or character development as well if you include them. One of the few triggers I do have is emotional blackmail/guilt trips.


The Saga of Tuck - Eugene 'Tuck' Tucker | Valerie Tucker, Deborah 'Debbie' Carstairs


I requested Tuck and Debbie for this, because I just love the dynamic between the two of them; I would totally be fine with them either as a couple or not, although I would definitely prefer them to be on the same side as opposed to in conflict. Beyond that, anything you want to write would be awesome; romance, pranking on the surreal level that makes other people doubt reality, crazy business opportunities, a trip/vacation that does not end in them wanting each other dead. Basically, throw the two of them into some wacky hijinks and show what happens and I will be in bliss. the fandom of my heart. I love everything about it; the unrepentant geekiness, the way everyone is insanely (appropriately) paranoid, the crazy shenanigans, the sheer competence of so many characters, the way that the entire series just tells gender to go and take a hike. There are scenes in here that can consistently make me cry every time I read them, which only a handful of other works can do. Really, this is the fandom where anything you can do with it will be amazing for me, because I just want to see more of this world.


Lowe's Phone Calls - Husband, Wife


I love the way this couple is so in love, and I really empathize with the whole becoming an adult and having NO CLUE what that involves. They're just so cute together, I want them to be great together and have a happy ending, but at the same time I want to inflict so much mayhem on their lives and see what happens. This canon is so tiny, you can really do anything with it; how they decided to buy a house (and that one), or exactly how "it was almost apocalyptic" and everything that breaks, or all the sleepless nights they had.


For the record, the commercial I'm talking about is this one:


This is the only commercial I ever liked to the point where I treated it like a show, and paid more attention when it was on and would stop flipping through channels when I saw it. I said it in the prompt, but I am totally right there with them with growing up and not having a clue what is involved in day to day life, because that was never something that I had to worry about or pay attention to until just recently. There's something about the way these two are making things work, despite not knowing what to do that I love; it reminds me of families of choice in that way. I know it says Husband and Wife in the character descriptions, and you can make out rings on their fingers if you squint, but feel free to give them any actual relationship you want; husband and wife, engaged couple, best friends, or even siblings if you want.


PS 238 - Tyler Marlocke


Tyler is such an amazing character because of how he gets put into all these ridiculous situations and just deals with it despite not having any superpowers (except common sense, of course). I especially like how Tyler seems to change to be whatever is needed of him at the time. I would be excited for any fic about him but if you're looking for specifics, I would especially be delighted by something about how he gets on in the future (either in high school or after he's an adult), or something about shop class with Angie (she's probably my favorite character to pair him with; I'm a sucker for super geniuses, especially females), or anything involving time travel shenanigans.


I love most of the characters in PS 238, even if it's just the characters that I love to hate. My favorites are Tyler, Angie, Prospero, Julie, Satori and Zodon and Victor. Tyler definitely has that sort of determination and resilience that I love in characters, where he refuses to surrender despite the increasingly impossible situations he is placed in. Also, I like Tyler because PS 238 is like Hogwarts in that it is the Land That Common Sense Forgot, and Tyler is one of the few people to retain it (he can see through masks!). I am aware that the print comic is ahead of the web version, but I'm only reading the web comic, so please don't add any spoilers beyond the point that the online version has reached.


The Middleman - Wendy Watson


I have a thing for competent female characters, and Wendy Watson definitely fits that profile. Middleman is such a great show because of the way it is aware of everything geeky and revels in it. Because the show is so diverse in what is available, there's so many possibilities for plots, so I am much more concerned with seeing Wendy portrayed as the strong individual she is. If you're looking for an exotic problem for the Middleman and/or Wendy to deal with, it would be awesome to see how they deal with a kaiju or having to work with time travel (maybe getting to see the Middleman from an earlier era?) or undead-demon-zombie-ghost pirates. And of course, nothing says Yuletide more than giant 80s lasers.


One of the great things about Middleman is the way that just about anything you can think of can fit in this world; every possible cliche and villain just works for this setting. Because of that, the relationships between the characters is probably more interesting than the specific crisis of the week, and the characters have such amazing relationships. Wendy is definitely my favorite character, but the rest of the characters are just as interesting, both on their own and in their relationships with her. I didn't include anyone else in the prompt not because I don't care for them, but because I didn't want to limit you in what you could write. And if all else fails, nothing says Yuletide like uncomfortable sweaters and giant lasers.

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So [personal profile] amathela has been reading Batman recently for Stephanie Brown, who is also one of my favorite characters in DC. And at first, I thought I didn't have alot to say about it, because I don't read a lot of comics (My parents did not ... approve? of comics, so I never really got to read them growing up. I guess they thought they would stunt my intellectual growth or something, but now that I'm an adult I can read all the comics I want. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?), but I realized that I do have some thoughts to say.

First, Stephanie Brown. Of all the DC characters, she's probably my favorite. And the reason I like her so is not just because she's a strong, competent, intelligent female (which, yes, all my buttons), but the main reason? She was Robin. All the other female characters in the bat-family are distinctly female. Superheroes in general, and the bat-family in particular, make a huge distinction between the a character's real-world identity, and the mask. And all the other female characters have female masks; Batwoman. Batgirl. Huntress. Catwoman. But the Batman and Robin masks are traditionally male. And then Steph takes over the Robin mask and title. Which is why I love her more than just about anyone else.

Of course, my understanding of the DC universe does not match the actual DC universe. My knowledge of the characters is based on a handful of comic issues, Wikipedia articles, and fan meta discussion, fic, and pics. For example, I'm fairly certain that Supergirl does not have a different costume for every day of the week, is not a Valley Girl, and does not spend every Saturday morning visiting county fairs and filling her apartment full of random tcotchkes because they remind her of Krypton (and Superman may be the Last Son of Krypton, but she's the only one who was old enough to actually remember the planet, and that is way more tragic).

But I'm digressing! The point was that [personal profile] amathela said she couldn't figure out Tim Drake, and so, with the above disclaimer in mind, I am (somewhat) proud to present the COMPLETELY OFFICIAL Metaphasia History of Robin.

It's all true. Except for the parts that aren't. )

(And then Tim meets Stephanie, which is his chance at a real relationship, because when you wear the mask you can't possibly be with someone who doesn't also, and it's all fun and games like a first love is (but instead of doing ring toss at carnivals, they're beating up villains), and then it's really not, and I just want the two of them to have all the angst, and then do all the cliches, especially the ones that involve being undercover and mistaken identities, and then a happy ending and live happily ever after beating up bad guys in an alley.)
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Pseudo-Liveblogging the Big Time Movie Whilst Watching for the Third Time

This should probably be placed up at the top, it will come in handy very shortly:
10:35 Wait, no, I've got the drinking game. One rule: anytime someone says "world" or "world tour", take a shot.

On second thought, you probably are better off without it.
this show makes so much more sense as a d&d game... )
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So, I've promised to talk about my ~feelings for Justin and Alex, and I HAVE ALL OF THEM, so this post might will turn out really long.


I started watching Wizards because I had heard that Justin and Alex was an actual viable ship, and I just had to watch to see if it was true, and after watching a few episodes, I fell in love with the two of them. There is one icon that noor-us-sabah made that I think sums up their relationship so well:

If you're not familiar with The Thin Man, it's a mystery movie set in the mid thirties. The two main characters are a married couple named Nick and Nora Charles, who are extremely affectionate towards each other, but also banter incessantly. And if that doesn't describe Justin and Alex Russo, I don't know what does. There's a lot of reasons that I ship them so crazy, but I think that is the perfect way to describe them briefly.cut for ALL THE FEELINGS )

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Title: With the Lights Out, It's Less Dangerous
Fandom: Revenge
Character: Nolan Ross, Original Male Character
Word Count: 1011
Rating: R

Summary: Nolan goes home for the first time since he left, and finds some unfinished business.

Notes: Written for [personal profile] executrix for [ profile] yuletide_admin.

I'm worse at what I do best, and for this gift I feel blessed. Our little group has always been, and always will until the end. )


Nov. 27th, 2011 10:36 am
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WIth the recent Black Friday sales, I decided splurge a little and ordered a copy of Adobe Premiere off Amazon since it was half off. Can't wait until it gets here, so I can start vidding! Anyone have any advice for someone who's never vid before?


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