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Happy Yuletide! First, thank you for volunteering for Yuletide, and I hope that you have a great time with it! The thing that I love most about Yuletide is the spirit around it and the way that it's such a positive time. I hope that the information below is useful in helping you to figure out what sort of fic to write, but this is Yuletide! The optional details are optional and anything you write for me, I can already guarantee I will love, so if you find yourself completely deviating from what I outline below, don't worry about; these are just meant to be general ideas to help you find a starting point.
While I love both angsty and happy fics generally, Yuletide is a really happy time (it's the most wonderful time of the year!) and because of that, I would prefer something that ends on a high note or is just generally upbeat. However, if you have an amazing idea that's angst, don't let that discourage you, I will still be totally happy with it! Similarly, while I usually love crazy AUs, I would prefer fiction that is closer to the source material for Yuletide; I think the point of this exchange is the rare fandoms, and getting too far away from those sources seems to defeat the purpose to me.
If you're looking for some generic plot ideas that I love to see, the sorts of tropes that I love are the sort of casual intimacy found with things like friends with benefits, unexpected co-parenting, road trip, bodyswap or bodysharing/telepathy. I also really like the symbolism of windows, whether they're being used as doors or when adjacent houses having matching windows that people talk through. And giant 80s lasers are always "seasonally appropriate" for Yuletide!
On the other hand, I do not mind sex or action scenes, but prefer fic that has a focus on plot or character development primarily. I don't have many triggers, but the few things that really turn me off are emotional blackmail/guilt trips and social awkwardness/embarrassment/humiliation.

Battleground - Ali Laurents, Lindsay Cutter I like watching all the characters in this show, even the ones that are terrible people, but I decided on asking for Ali and Lindsay because I think that they were both underused in the show and I would like to see more of them. I think this show is one of those that makes for both great character and case based fiction, so I'd be perfectly happy with either a character based piece or something more plotty. If you're looking for plot ideas, it would be awesome to see any sort of crazy adventures from other campaigns, or what would happen with having to deal with Washington D.C. after they actually win a campaign.
This show reminds me so much of The West Wing in the campaign seasons. As I said, I'd love pretty much any story you write, but the diversity of stories that I can imagine for this fandom is greater than for my other requests, because of the way that the setting is wide open for all kinds of stories. How did they get involved in staffing campaigns? Where are they and what's their lives like during the flashback interviews? What happens on the Presidential campaign that the ending sets up? If they win the Presidential campaign, what sort of adventures do they have in the actual West Wing? The entire ensemble of the cast pulling off shenanigans, or just the ladies on some wacky adventure? It'd all be amazing.

Faking It - Amy Raudenfield, Karma Ashcroft I think Amy and Karma are ridiculously cute together, and would love to read something centered on the two of them; either together in an actual relationship, or just as best friends if you don't feel comfortable with that.What I love about these this show is the dynamic that Amy and Karma have, how deeply they care for each other and how much they are obviously in love with each other to everyone else, even if they don't realize it themselves.
I really didn't expect to like this show based on the premise alone, however it somehow wormed its way into my heart. This show consistently scares me to watch, since it could go bad so easily, but I've been very impressed with how it hasn't gone terrible yet. Since this show is still ongoing, I'm not certain what the status of Amy and Karma's relationship will actually be by the time Yuletide rolls around, so I'm not overly concerned with how any potential story lines up with how the second season progresses. While I am caught up all the way to the most recent episode (as of this time), feel free to disregard any developments from the second season or even earlier if you want to, I really won't mind.

The First Time - Aubrey Miller, Dave Hodgman A lot of shows and movies seem to pass their characters the idiot ball and have them make terrible decisions for the purposes of building up tension and creating angst. I love how this movie has Aubrey and Dave avoid those sorts of mistakes, and instead communicate and discuss their issues and move forward. I'd love to see something about how they continue to develop their relationship and work things out, despite what those around them may think. If you can capture the way that they open up and talk to each other, I'd be incredibly happy.
I think that things could have ended very differently for this movie if either Aubrey or Dave had done things differently at any point during the course of events; for instance, if Aubrey had just walked instead of talking to Dave at the beginning, they never would have met. What I love about their relationship is how at every point they could have given up and walked away, they instead pressed forward, and their relationship is based on the fact that they didn't walk away. If you want to include other characters, I really like their relationships they have with their family and friends, like Dave's little sister, Aubrey's parents or his friend Jane.

Nearlyweds - Erin (Nearlyweds), Casey (Nearlyweds), Stella (Nearlyweds) I love the interactions between the three women, and the fact that while most movies end with the characters getting married, this movie begins with it and is about making a relationship work. And while I really like the canon relationships between the women and their husbands (well, not Mark, but the others), I also would not have minded if the movie ended with the montage of the three of them living together, and if you want to write them as polyamorous lesbians instead of best friends forever, I would love that as well.
This is a Hallmark movie that came out last year, and it's one of my feel good, rainy-Sunday, movies. I love the three women and the way they work so well together. I think that their relationship works equally well as best friends and as lovers. I'm a fan of unconventional relationships, and I was shipping them from the beginning of the movie, and that was before the musical montage of the three of them living alone together. I would love to see them either together, or with their canonical relationships, because I think that both of those outcomes work in terms of the characters.

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