Sep. 16th, 2015

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Dear Author/Artist,


First, thank you so much for signing up for this exchange! I hope that you have a great time in this exchange, as I think that these exchanges are a great way for the fandom community to bond and that the only way that they work is for the participants to have fun, so I hope that you have a good time and that my preferences aren't problematic for you. I assure you, just receiving something written for me is the best part, so don't sweat the optional details. But, if you're looking for specifics to help you get started, here are some preferences!


General Likes: Anything holiday or seasonal themed (Trick-or-treating, handing out candy, apple picking, costume shopping, carving jack-o-lanterns, decorating the house and yard, etc.). Competence, seeing talented characters in action getting to show off their skills and abilities. I love tropes involving found family and casual intimacy (not necessarily physical, but the definition that involves trust), such as unexpected co-parenting/co-habiting, bodyswap/bodysharing or telepathy,


General Dislikes: People showing poor judgement at decision making (For instance, not telling your loved ones important secrets, so that when they find out in the worst way possible, it causes them to feel betrayed and become angry at you [see: the average process used by characters on every CW show]). I'm also very turned off by emotional blackmail/guilt trips and social awkwardness/humiliation/public embarassment.


Harry Potter - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger


Harry and Hermione are the OTP that I will apparently never be over. I realize that not everyone ships them though, and if you don't want to write them in a relationship, I would love gen fic as well, but I would really prefer not seeing them in relationships with other people.
I think that they make amazing partners, both in a romantic sense, as well as a pragmatic adventuring one. They have very complementary skill sets and personalities (Harry is excellent at thinking on his feet and performing in crisis situations while Hermione excels at planning ahead and researching). One of my favorite things about these two is the way that they straddle between both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, and if you want to write something about them using their muggle knowledge to take over the world (or just confuse all their classmates at Hogwarts), that would be amazing. I love these two crazy kids because they are so synergistic and codependent and are both amazing independently, but put them together and they're unstoppable.
Halloween is a very important date in this series, and seems to always herald some tragedy or crazy adventure. Also, they're wizards and witches. If you are looking for inspiration, clearly, there are no shortage of story ideas. The two of them having an adventure dealing with some monsters, or going trick or treating, or convincing everyone at Hogwarts that sincere pumpkin patches are a legitimate muggle tradition, or crazy hijinks in some Scooby-Doo esque fashion would be amazing.


I don't know what to say about these two that doesn't start with the fact that they are my forever OTP. You may notice some similarities between them and the other characters I have asked for, as I think I clearly have a type: two strong characters, that support each other well when working together, because they have different approaches to problem solving and can cover for each others' weaknesses, and that same synergy also applies to their personal lives as well as their professional. Harry and Hermione are also really interesting because of the way they exist in two different worlds, both Magical and Muggle, and that sort of dichotomy with respect to traditions and lifestyles is really fascinating.


Young Wizards - Dairine Callahan


When I first started to read Young Wizards, I fell in love with the whole setting, and Nita in particular. But then I got to High Wizardry, and Dairine just stole my heart. She went on an intergalactic road trip with her computer and had sex with a sentient planet and became a teenage runaway mother who then became the best mother in all of fiction when she made every single mobile a wizard. She is a very multidimensional character, who can be a bratty kid sister, a wizard in the prime of her power, a queen, the Guarantor of a world not her own, or a teenager desperately mourning her mother and seeking her lost love. Apparently I have a thing for hyper-competence and emotional codependence, because it seems to be a common thread among all my requests.
This is the one fandom where I would probably not prefer tricks, mostly because the setting is already so dark and serious that the only things I can think of that are scary for this universe are just terrifying. For either tricks or treats I would love to see Dairine being amazing in dealing with the problems of the entire universe with her sister/Roshaun/a planet full of sentient robot babies/her computer that only she can talk to which is also the soul of wizardry/all of the above. Wacky alien cultural hijinks, crazy adventures on Earth with aliens during Halloween when they can walk around freely, situational ethics classes, the basis for Halloween myths turning out to be real or anything involving costumes.


I saw Dairine as the annoying little sibling when she first showed up in Young Wizards, but when I got to her crazy intergalactic road trip/Ordeal/teenage runaway incident, I became her biggest fan. Because Dairine is complex, and complicated, and has real depth to her character. And everyone else just seems to see one dimension of her; Nita keeps acting like Dairine is still the bratty little sister, but Dairine has more than proven that the things she deals with on a regular basis are serious. The running joke is that she is the one teaching situational ethics to other species, but she is a queen in her own right, and knows what it means to make difficult decisions. I think she and Roshaun make an amazing pair, since they can both recognize the strenuous lifestyle that the other has, but I don't think they have to wind up together. Dairine being the unknown and unsung heroine of the entire universe, with or without anyone else is awesome.


Kingsman: The Secret Service - Roxy Morton | Lancelot, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin


Roxy was my favorite character in this movie because not only she is capable of keeping up with everyone else throughout all of the training, she also had the ruthless willingness to complete her mission that Eggsy didn't. I was also really struck by the friendship the two of them had, the way they were both something of outsiders to the other candidates, and bonded through that, and worked really well together in the climactic sequence.
For story ideas, there's always another super genius out to take over or destroy the world. The challenges of domestic life when half the time you're saving the world, having a competition to see who can be more passive aggressively snarky but mannered towards bad guys, or some sort of comedy of errors regarding what information is getting revealed to the bad guys. This is also another fandom that works really well with either Halloween (if they have to run an operation in a haunted house or something) or costume based fiction.


I loved this movie, and the way that it completely averted, inverted and subverted all kinds of spy movie tropes, but I was a little disappointed by the way that Roxy got written out of the main action sequence at the end. I would love to see her getting a chance to kick ass and take names. As with Harry and Hermione, and Dairine and Roshaun, I think she and Eggsy make an excellent pair because they work well together and respect and understand each other.


Faking It - Amy Raudenfeld, Karma Ashcroft


Karma and Amy are unbelievably cute together, and I have been shipping them from the pilot. The only part of this show I don't absolutely love is the incessant drama inherent in their relationship. What I love about these two is the dynamic that they have, how deeply they care for each other and how much they are obviously in love with each other to everyone else, even if they don't realize it themselves. This show consistently scares me to watch, since they constantly flirt with making terrible decisions, but they have always come back around.
I'm sure Karma and Amy have some unique Halloween traditions, which would be amazing to see. Haunted houses, trick or treating, or ultra competitive school wide costume contests. Just any sort of domestic fluff woudl be wonderful for a treat, and for tricks there's all kinds of scares they could experience, from just dealing with Lauren to dealing with being in prison to (pregnancy) scares.


Honestly, the least attractive thing about this show is the drama involved in figuring out relationships. I think stories that take place after couples get together are much more fascinating, partly because they are so poorly represented in fiction (stories always end with marriages, they rarely begin with them), but also because the process of living day to day and making things work is so much more complicated and interesting. If you don't want to write about these two in a relationship, I would still much rather see them in established relationships (or established bachelorette-hood) rather than playing the dance of will-they-won't-they.


Hopefully all that information helps you with writing your fic or drawing your art, but I have only provided these details to help you, and if there's anything that you don't feel comfortable with or feel too constrained by, please ignore the details and go with what feels right to you. I hope you have fun with this exchange and I can't wait to see what you produce!

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