Mar. 3rd, 2015

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It only took me an entire month to finish this, but here's the letter meme results from when [personal profile] randomling gave me r!

Something I hate: Risk - The board game, that is. I love board games in general, but a lot of the old Parker Brothers style games are simplistic, and this one is especially jarring to me with how poorly designed and balanced it is between players, especially when compared to more recent games that are being made.

Something I love: Rockets - Aside from being fascinating to study how they work, in terms of physics, and being the field that I want to work in eventually, there's a sort of mystique associated with rockets. They symbolize scientific progress and science fiction; heck, the Hugo award is shaped like a rocket.

Somewhere I've been: Round Valley Reservoir - Pretty much everything in Central New Jersey is named Raritan, so there were any number of options available to me. I wanted to go with someplace a bit less generic though, and Round Valley is one of my favorite parks to visit; I usually manage to get out there at least a couple of times every year.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Rapa Nui - Or, as most people call it, Easter Island. This place has amazing history, with the fact that it's inhabited despite being so remote. On top of that, the weather sounds amazing; I love hot weather, and not only is it a tropical location but also out of the path of all hurricanes and other major storms. And the moai are one of the most distinctive pieces of sculpture and something I really want to see.

Someone I know: Ronnie - One of my friends and roommates from college, and the only person who's wedding I've been in (so far).

A film I like: Real Genius - I love science fiction and fantasy in general, and I love 80's films. And aside from being a great science fiction film that is basically the platonic ideal of the 80's film, I love the fact that this movie is all about engineers stopping the military industrial complex, rather than soldiers fighting unspeakable horrors. How it's about construction and building new things, rather than death and destruction. How it's a coming of age, and about making your own choices.