Feb. 4th, 2015

metaphasia: (Default)
I was having a discussion about the best albums of all time recently (which is not "the list of albums with the best songs of all time on them" because the best albums are those which not only contain excellent songs across the board, but are also synergistic and have a commonality of theme and composition as well) when I had a revelation.
I doubt anyone out there has ever had this thought, but if for some reason you ever find yourself wondering "Will Metaphasia like [the thing I am looking at right now]?", there's a pretty foolproof test. If you can make a fanmix, or a vid about [the thing] and the song "She's A Rebel" fits perfectly, I can guarantee you sight unseen I will love [the thing]. This isn't true of all my favorite songs either; a lot of them are more generic or are things that I like in music but that aren't necessarily things that I like in other media. This song is just the perfect representation of my fandom interests.
I was wondering if anyone else has a song (or songs) that perfectly describes what they like to see in stories, either canon or fanfic?

(For the record, the five best albums of all time are American Idiot, Sam's Town, Crossing the Rubicon, Indian Summer and The Final Cut.)