Dec. 29th, 2014

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First, I have been failing pretty hard at the "Post Every Day" thing, but I'm going to blame Yuletide and general ~holiday/December stress, and move it to January, so if there's any topics you want to see a rant about, post them below and I'll talk about it.

Second, Yuletide was amazing this year! I've got a bit to say about my story after reveals go live, but I feel very very accomplished with what I wrote this year.

I also received an amazing gift!
The Only Sour Cherry On Your Fruit Stand
When I started watching this show I was really wary, because the premise just did not seem like it would work, but the characters are all so delightful and beautiful, and this really captured what I love about them, which is just how much Amy and Karma care about each other, no matter how terrible they are at expressing it, and that they really are the best of friends even if they can't quite make a relationship work (yet, hopefully, I'm still totally rooting for them endgame).

There were also a number of other fics that I really liked, and I'll put up a recs post in the next few days.