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Happy Yuletide! First, thank you for volunteering for Yuletide, and I hope that you have a great time! The best part about Yuletide is the spirit of positivism around it and the sense of community builds. I hope that the information below is useful in helping you to figure out what sort of fic to write, but if there is anything that you don't feel comfortable with writing, keep in mind that this is Yuletide! The optional details are optional and anything you write for me, I can already guarantee I will love, so if you find yourself completely deviating from what I outline below, don't worry about it; these are just general ideas to help you find a starting point if you need one.
While I love both angst and happy fics in general, Yuletide is a really happy time (it's the most wonderful time of the year!) and because of that, I would prefer something that ends on a high note or is just generally upbeat in tone. However, if you have an amazing idea that's angst, don't let that discourage you, I will still be totally happy with it! Similarly, while I usually love crazy AUs, I would prefer fiction that is closer to the source material for Yuletide; I think the point of this exchange is the rare fandoms, and getting too far away from those sources seems to defeat the purpose to me.
If you're looking for some generic plot ideas that I love to see, regardless of fandom, I love tropes that have a sense of casual intimacy such as those of friends with benefits, unexpected co-parenting, road trips, and bodyswap or bodysharing/telepathy. I also really like the symbolism of windows, whether they're being used as doors or when adjacent houses having matching windows that people talk through. And giant 80s lasers are always "seasonally appropriate" for Yuletide!
On the other hand, I do not mind sex or action scenes, but prefer fic that has a focus on plot or character development primarily. I don't have many triggers, but the few things that really turn me off are emotional blackmail/guilt trips and social awkwardness/embarrassment/humiliation.

Bad Night - Abby, Kate I saw this movie pop up in my recommendations on Netflix, and I fell in love with it based on the description alone. I am a huge sucker for female friendships and action heroines, and this movie just hit all of my buttons. I would love to see more about the continuing adventures of Kate and Abby, especially if those adventures involve more undercover police work and unintentional dealings with the crime world. While these two are amazing friends, I would not be opposed to seeing them in a romantic relationship.
This is one of those movies that isn't super complicated, but doesn't need to be, because it knows that it's a fairly mindless action adventure film, and doesn't feel the need to be more than what it is. But it does manage to do so with a mainly female cast, including all four of the main protagonists, and manages to make them all unique individuals with interesting relationships. I think Kate and Abby make for pretty unlikely friends, but that's one of the reasons that I like their friendship so much, because I am a fan of unusual pairings and found families. I also love the way they have crazy traditions like dressing in ridiculous costumes to go out to dinner and dealt with being thrust into a very dangerous situation.

Barely Lethal - Agent 83 I love when characters reject destiny or fate and make their own choices, and because of that, her character arc makes Megan one of my new favorite characters. I like the way that Megan forges her own path, but still manages to be capable as a secret agent. I think there are definite parallels between her arc with those of the other characters as well. I'd love interaction between her and Liz, Victoria or Heather. Also, if you want to incorporate a lesbian relationship between any of the characters, I would certainly love it.
I think that the way that Victoria, Heather and Megan all leave the Prescotts shows pretty clear similarities between their characters, and that's an interaction that was not explored heavily in the movie. I also really love the setting of this movie, and the idea of teenage spies is one that I find very intriguing. I would love to see case fic involving her further exploits as a spy or the adventures of Megan and Liz (and Heather) in college.

Nearlyweds - Erin (Nearlyweds), Casey (Nearlyweds), Stella (Nearlyweds) I love the interactions between the three women, and I love the fact that while most movies end with the characters getting married, this movie begins with it and is about making a relationship work. And while I really like the canon relationships between the women and their husbands (well, not Mark, but the others), I also would not have minded if the movie ended with the montage of the three of them living together, and if you want to write them as polyamorous lesbians instead of best friends forever, I would love that as well.
This is a Hallmark movie that came out a few years ago, and it's one of my feel good, rainy-Sunday, movies. I love the three women and the way they work so well together. I think that their relationship works equally well as best friends and as lovers. I'm a fan of unconventional relationships, and I was shipping them from the beginning of the movie, and that was before the musical montage of the three of them living alone together. I would love to see them either together, or with their canonical relationships, because I think that both of those outcomes work in terms of the characters.

Stick It - Haley Graham, Tricia Skilken I love the narrative of characters who refuse to let others dictate their lives and seek out their own path, and Haley's a prime example of that trait, and one of my favorite characters because of it. I also love the message of empowerment that the movie provides, as the characters take the power of judging into their own hands - I'm always a fan of a little communist revolution. I would love fic about how Haley and Tricia met and their first trip to Worlds, or about how their careers in gymnastics progress after the events of the movie. I always imagined the two as in a romantic relationship.
I love the interaction between Haley and Tricia, because the history that the two characters have is very visible when they talk to each other. The two clearly have a deep connection, since Haley is able to convince Tricia to go along with the plan when no one else was. This movie manages to hit all my favorite tropes with characters declaring their independence from what others want them to do, and female friendship with vaguely lesbian overtones.

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