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You're a blue sky theoretical researcher and I'm a production engineer, this will never work.

You're a scientist and I'm an engineer. You design the crazy doomsday rocketship, and I'll build it.

You work for Capulet, Inc. and I work for Montague Consolidated and we keep running into each other at these trade shows, and based on where you work I should hate you, but I really, really don't.

That douchebag from the humanities should not have been allowed in this building because he literally blew up an entire lab and because our department is now short on space, you and I have to share this room, so you just stick to your side and I'll stick to mine, and we won't have to kill each other.

I don't care that it's an emergency and you lost all your research data and you need lab time to regather your results right now, I booked this room for this morning three months ago. oh, you brought coffee for me? well then, carry on.

We've never met before but I keep seeing your initials on all these amazingly insightful papers and I have had a total brain crush on you, but oh my god, you're as hot in person as your mind is and this is no longer just a brain crush.

We have opposite shifts on this telescope and I only see you for thirty seconds as we walk past each other every night, but I keep leaving notes in the logbook that I hope you'll find and you haven't commented on them yet, but did you just smile when we walked past each today?

This TA has no idea what he's talking about and it causes me physical pain to see someone be so wrong so I keep looking around the classroom to see if anyone else has the look of "can you believe this guy" on their face and you're the only one who does.
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