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It's a meme!

When you see this, share lines from 3 random WIPs.

1) This is from The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, the eternal WIP that I have given up hope of finishing anytime in the foreseeable future, and is the fic that I had in mind from the conversation in #yulechat that inspired [community profile] occupyfandom.
People keep calling fanfiction "amateur" as if it's an insult. Amateur and professional don't refer to the quality of a work though. They speak to the motivation. Amateur literally means "lover". Professionals write for money and for fame. And because of that, professionals are a lot more consistent in terms of quality. Professionals depend on their writing to make a living, which is why you get the one-book-a-year-every-year, soulless, formulaic, Nicholas Sparks cookie cutter novels from professionals. But both the very worst and the very best of writing comes from amateurs. Amateurs don't always have the talent, or the editing to write well, and when they don't, their works fall short, but when they do, they write the best stories you will ever read. Because the one thing that amateurs always have is passion. Of course they have passion; they're amateurs. Amateurs do it for love. Being an amateur isn't something to be ashamed of; we should be embracing that fact.
2) This is from Assemble and Accelerate, a street racing AU for the Avengers I actually have hopes of finishing sometime soon.
Natasha drove on sheer nerve and reflex. She would race right up on the bumpers of the cars in front of her and change lanes instead of decelerating, she would throw her car headlong into gaps barely long enough to fit her Spyder through, she would drive straight into oncoming traffic and trust that the other drivers would get out of the way rather than cause a collision. She had the utter confidence and fearlessness of someone who knew all the potential dangers around her and had accepted those risks long ago.
3) And finally, Wizards of Waverly Place Justin/Alex fic, where Justin is turned into a girl, because reasons.

And she was cute, too. Not just her appearance, but the way she was moving; Justin's nervous and geeky body language translated into shy and adorable as a girl (Alex would never admit that Justin's new body was totally hot, even if she had to, because come on people, she was supposed to be the hot one in this family).

"Oh my," her mom said, stunned. "We simply have to go shopping! Come on, mija."

Well. This was certainly the fastest a plan has ever backfired on her. Oh well, she might as well tag along. A chance at new clothes plus a second chance to humiliate Justin, all in one day.
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